Yazmin Lacey

On December 8th, a British vocalist and text author Yazmin Lacey will play her only concert in Poland.

Yazmin Lacey is a vocalist and lyrics author. She was born in London and lives in Nottingham. She started her music career in 2014 giving acoustic concerts in Nottingham, by and by gaining local acclaim and meeting other musicians. She has sung with Warren Xlance and Congi and supported Daudi Matsiko, Fatima and Low Leaf. In 2017, together with the members of the bands Three Body Trio and Broadstrokes they recorded her debut EP Black Moon, which echoed in the British radio broadcasters and won her a wider recognition. Their music is an amalgam of soul and jazz characterised by a soft and relaxed style. Her band’s concert at Bass & Beat Festival will be their first appearance in Poland.

Music will be illustrated with visualisations prepared by Daniel Kusak.

  • Yazmin Lacey – vocal
  • Pete Beardsworth – keyboards
  • George French – bass guitar
  • Tom Towle – percussion
  • Charlie Bone – guitar
  • Owen Campbell – percussion instruments
  • Daniel Kusak – visualisations

Daniel Kusak specialises in intermedial photography and animation. Often in his works he fuses traditional and digital techiques. A member of Bielsk Socio-Cultural Association Animation Factory, a founder of the Gwar Group, he pursues activities from the domain of engaged art. He is a theoretician of total life.

Daniel on VJ-ing – VJ is a visual form of emotion display. I can see sounds and hear pictures, and the tones and colours are palettes of feelings, which I use telling my story. I record, write, scrape, cut, paint, make noise, take photos, and then I chuck all this into a bucket and mix.