#PaderewskyOrchestra (PREMIERE!) is a fusion of electronics, jazz, ambient and classical music. It draws from the Polish musical tradition and combines music with visual arts. It comprises artists from Poland, Romania, France and Norway, representing a wide scope of cultural and stylistic backgrounds. The project constitutes a pretext for a creative exchange of thoughts and search for fresh artistic concepts. #PaderevskyOrchestra connects musical traditions with the technologies used in art. In this project, elements of classical and electronic music permeate mutually with the trends present in the contemporary European improvised music.

The clash of different – sometimes very distatnt – artistic notions merged with VJ-ing creates an esthetic quality and new fields of affecting the spectator and listener. #PaderewskyOrchestra is also a project engaging the young attendees of music schools, showing a modern attitude to string bands employing techniques like aleatoricism. The conceptual authors are Jakub Olejnik and Vojto Monteur.

  • Nicolas Simion – saxophones, bass clarinet
  • Dominik Wania – piano, keyboards
  • Bjorn Charles Dreyer – guitar, electronics
  • Vojto Monteur – guitar, electronics
  • Jakub Olejnik – double bass, bass guitar
  • Nicolas Charlier – percussion
  • Children's String Orchestra conducted by Łukasz Bzowski
  • Łukasz Bzowski – conception, orchestra arrangement and conducting
  • Klaudia Kasperska – visualisations

Nicolas Simion – a top Romanian saxophonist living and creating in Germany. He has collaborated and recorded with artists such as Tomasz Stańko, Art Farmer, Leo Wright, Idris Muhammad, Jim Pepper, Harry Sokal, Christian Muthspiel. In Poland he is known for his projects with the trumpeter Piotr Wojtasik.

Dominik Wania – an eminent Polish pianist and a laureate of the Fryderyk award. He was a stipendist of New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, USA and has played with the cream of Polish and world jazz musicians. He also was the winner of the Fryderyk award for his album Unloved recorded together with Maciej Obara and issued by ECM.

Bjorn Charles Dreyer – born in New York, a Norwegian composer, producer and guitarist. For 25 years, Bjorn has been creating music, concerting with numerous Scandinavian artists and recording for labels such as Hevhetia Records. His impressive discography counts over 150 titles.

Vojto Monteur – a guitarist and music producer, a co-founder of EABS (Electro Acoustic Beat Sessions) and Miloopa. He regurarly works with Natalia Lubrano and is a member of Tempus Fantasy and 4 BIRDS UP!. Vojto Monteur has contributed greatly to the development of a new wave of club music, electronic music and the promotion of the Polish electronic stage on the biggest festivals abroad – Sziget Festival, United Islands, Be2gether Festival, Fete De La Musique Luxembourg, United Islands of Prague, Creamfields, JDM Festival, Open’er, Summer of Music, Szene Festival, Green Valley, Jazz Festival Stockholm.

Nicolas Charlier – a French percussionist and producer cooperating with top French and European musicians – Mike Stern, Magnus Lindgren, Rhoda Scott, André Charlier, Karim Ziad, Franck Agulhon, Stéphane Galland, Didier Lockwood, Benoît Sourisse, Phil Abraham, Linley Marthe, Olivier Hutman – to name a few. His trio album Someday my Prince Will Come was released in Europe and Japan.

Jakub Olejnik – a Polish double bass and bass guitar player and composer. He is a graduate of and a teacher at Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław. He has performed on stages of the majority of European countries, concerting on festivals including Jazz Nad Odrą, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Jazz Juniors, Cologne Jazz Night, Jazz Bez, Jazz Fest Brno, RCK Pro Jazz, Kosovo Jazz Festival, Jazz Festiwal Košice, Musica Sacromontana, Green Town of Jazz, Era Jazzu and Przystanek Woodstock. He has shared stage with Rory Stuart (USA), Caren Karroll (USA), Rufus Reid (USA), Dante Luciani (USA), Henryk Miśkiewicz, Piotr Wojtasik, Krzysztof Kiljański, Piotr Baron, Grzegorz Nagórski, Kuba Stankiewicz, Agata Zubel and Nicolas Simion.

Łukasz Bzowski – a composer, producer, arranger and pianist. He is a graduate of Zgorzelec Music School and Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław, where he majored in piano and composition. A substantial part of his activity involves cooperation with the biggest Polish hip-hop and reggae artists. He has collaborated with Grubson, giving concerts on the most important festival scenes of Poland, eventually having received two nominations to the Fryderyk music award for the albums Holizm and Gatunek L. The second pillar of his artistic career is his collaboration with Kamil Bednarek. Their joint single Jak długo jeszcze featuring a piano had hit the very top of music charts and stayed there for many weeks, bringing 20 million YouTube views. That was a perfect announcement of the next album Talizman, which covered in gold so soon as at its presale.

Klaudia Kasperska - visualizations. A visual artist, realizing herself in a theatrical and musical environment, and especially in their experimental forms. In his activity, he focuses on creating video art, photo objects and directing light. He works with both new technologies and analog techniques, combining them in an experimental way.

Klaudia on VJingu: No one has ever limited the medium of poetry to words, and the pictures can be told even more beautiful. Improvisation in the practice of this story guarantees its sincerity and authenticity. Like everything in my artistic activity - working with visualizations and video began with attempts to create theatrical space with the help of a moving image.