On December 8th, Bass & Beat Festival features the band MOA.

MOA is the great winner of the Opole Debuts festival in 2017. They’re a Polish representative of the musical storytelling. The band MOA is a britpop project counting four people with their leader being the tender-and-warm-voiced Marta Fitkowska, who is also responsible for their lyrics. The band put great store in each and every detail, which can be witnessed when listening to their single Ile Udźwignie Niebo (How Much Can The Sky Carry?). Marta says that all MOA will present is uncompromising and therefore genuine. The group has toured in China and now are busy producing their debut album.

The concert will be accompanied with visualisations by Eye Candy Visual.

Eye Candy Visual – visualisations – are a VJ duo of Yana Fedoryak and Juliusz Lewandowski. It is an innovative show of performative character with elements of dance and VJ-ing, creating a complex art form.

Yana and Juliusz on VJ-ing – The project in its character is hypnotic (it holds the spectators’ attention), therapeutic (the recipients often mention their forgetting of their egos and a strong sense of being ‘here and now’, and the show itself is very dynamic for the presence of a live dancer utilising various light technologies.