2 days of great concerts, workshops and meetings with artists.

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Bass&Beat Festival

The world is evolving, within it the music also goes through major changes; the boundaries of musical genres are disappearing - we invite you to explore this fascinating world with us!

Bass and Beat Festival is an international music festival which primary focus goes towards the sound of bass – this artistic statement does not enclose us into one music style, it merely gives the festival the opportunity for presentation of wide variety of beautiful, fresh and captivating things in the world of music.

The main purpose behind the festival is to share the good music vibes with the audience, furthermore to present the premiere performances from artists who are not afraid to travel through variety of musical styles and themes.

We put a lot of effort to present an eclectic and intriguing branch of music, a mix of different styles and genres that move smoothly beyond any artistic conventions. Our invited guests fearlessly blend classical music with jazz and pop always performing tunes that are fresh and new in the contemporary music scene.

During our selection process of artists our main goal is to create a solid basis for cooperation for both Polish and international artists. We do this among other things by presenting international surprising remixes inspired by Polish music.

Due to the fact of us being blessed with a dedicated audience as well as with the ever growing attention of media and other people related to music industry we try to build a solid artistic network of artists, journalists and managers. We are proud to announce that this year will bring a brand new interactive festival platform focused on recruitment of up-and-coming managers for workshops and a contest for new musicians.

In the second edition of Bass and Beat Festival we put an additional focus towards promoting young and talented artists from all around the country.

We plan to promote them in various different ways:

First and foremost the contest will give the opportunity to present music on the festival web page with the main prize of 5,000 pln. The finalists will perform during the festival. The voting goes on throughout the year.

Another important element of our plan are (for the first time this year) workshops for manager and artists. Their main goal is to share the knowledge, information and techniques of promoting Polish music on global markets. A series of meet ups addressed to artists, as well as young managers aimed at presenting good practices in international relations, means of successful promotion, “hyping up” Polish artists as well as realization of precise and achievable goals necessary for continuing growth of musical carriers. An important goal of the festival is to create an artistic and commercial value of Polish music, focused on carrier planning and attendance at world music festivals. We want to offer participants the tools with which they will be more prepared to enter the music business, we also hope for improving the condition of Polish music scene, its artists and at the end of the line we hope for further growing participation of Polish artists at worldwide music festivals. Additionally we are creating very useful database of professional music managers available for beginning artists.

The Sphere of Musical Experimentations with its main attraction the @Paderevsky Orchestra. A collection of musicians who have never met previously will invite us for an intriguing music journey depicting the life and work of a famous and charismatic composer – Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Music will become a pretext for a fascinating tale about Paderewski himself, as well as other fascinating artists and politicians of his time. The music will try to present the complex and rich persona that was Paderewski. On the one hand a more known side, the side of a great musician, statesman and a close friend to many greats of his time and on the other hand a much less known side - his family life. Seven musicians and performers from all around Europe representing various music styles submitted their participation.

We also invited a very unique string section consisting of people up to 18 years old that will complement this project in a magnificent way, we dream of having a 100 of them!